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iPro Academy 2.0 Review and Bonus

iPro Academy 2.0 Review and Bonus

Do Jimmy Kim and Anik Singal have anything in common with Fred Lam? Yes, they do. Other than being millionaires with online businesses, Anik, and Jim were once Fred Lam’s students. They learned unlimited traffic conversion from Fred. You will be able to get the similar training as them if you get iPro Academy 2.0 course now.

Aside from building multiple eight figure internet businesses, Fred Lam has also helped a few big names in the internet marketing world to establish themselves. Dori Friend, Anik Singal, and Jimmy Kim are among them. These are very successful businessmen who learned internet marketing skills from one guy; the affiliate guru that you eventually have the chance to learn from too. You should grab this opportunity because you never know if this is the only chance you have to learn a million tips from Fred before he goes underground again.

What Makes Fred Lam Unique From Other Traffic Generating Experts?

Fred didn’t succeed in online business trading products like other experts in the affiliate world. Believe it or not, iPro Academy 2.0 system is his first course and the only one he has done in his 10 years of online money making experience. This implies that the info you will be getting from Lam isn’t just from a loophole that he came across or some trending info he got from a secret company. You get to learn from his success secrets.

You are able to get 10 years of trial and error and also some valuable info on what he is preparing at the moment. Would you prefer to build your online successes based on a guru with proof and experience like Fred or just some wannabe expert without any experience? If you already know this is the course for you, then Grab Your Copy Of iPro Academy 2.0 Here!

Let’s Take A Look At The Contents Of iPro Academy 2.0 Course

Fred Lam has done a great job in compiling this extensive course. It’s now possible for you to have a lifetime access to his success secrets that he used to build his online empire. The course has been expanded into a number of sections. Let’s have a look at them:

Video Training Modules + Text

The iPro Academy 2.0 course contains 7 modules of in-depth yet simple and easy to understand video and text directives. This lays the base work for the entire traffic pilasters, and they include:

Module 1: Learning The Fundamentals

In this module, Fred talks about the online marketing grounds and how it all operates.
This involves the lingo or IM language, the correct method of advertisement, and the three formulas that will help you save a lot of hard earned cash.

Module 2: Building Your Own Website

This module is all about how to create your website from scratch. This includes niche finding, the right promotions, and step by step guide on how to build your site.

Module 3: Perceiving Sales Funnels

Have you the understanding of opt-in funnels, direct linking, review funnels and all other kinds of funnels? Fred reveals the importance of funnels in a simple and very easy way to understand.

Module 4: Facebook Advertising

This module is a bit massive as it covers the entire guide to Facebook Advertising and Marketing. It involves all stuff from how to prepare your ads for 100% approval rate to remarketing.

Objectives Training and understanding ad type is among my favorite sections of this module. Fred expands on various forms of FB advertising, including video views, boost post, and much more, to come up with a campaign that is perfect for each one.

Module 5: Google AdWords Advertising

Just like the Facebook module, this one explains in details on the right actions both mentally and physically to reassure your online success. Aside from that Lam reveals one of the most incredible traffic secrets ever in a subject he refers to a Goldmine within Google.

Module 6: Bing Advertising

This module is similar to the Google Ads one. You will as well learn how to draw quality traffic to your site for just a few coins with the help of iPro Academy 2.0 method.

Module 7: Penny-Click Master

Finally, this is the last module in this section. It focuses on high targets but low costly clicks with in-text ads.

At first, I didn’t know that this type of traffic was worth it all. But Fred has some crazy tricks that you don’t want to miss. He configures the campaigns so that only those who are interested will click the ads.

On Top Of That You As Well Get:

  • Live Weekly Webinars Training with Fred Lam and his team. You will get to know the best tips and strategies as they take place.
  • Gradual Assignment – This is one of the best sections of iPro Academy 2.0 Course. This section allows you to create the grounds for your online business in small lumps with an easy to understand guide. This method is awesome and it doesn’t feel cumbersome compared to other similar courses.
  • Live Case Studies – This is the ability to see Fred Lam create a $50,000 campaign live; and many other campaigns as they occur.
  • Traffic in 24 Hours or Even Less – Are you urgently in need of traffic? You got covered by Lam with a number of great strategies for less costly and fast traffic.
  • Facebook Group – You are joined to his FB group to learn from his other followers and also share your thoughts. This way, you will be able to join in the community and build a professional relationship with people of your caliber.

My Final Thoughts on Fred Lam’s Program

Just imagine; if you can turn your existing business to a massively successful one with iPro Academy 2.0, what level will you get to by starting a whole new online business using Fred’s Strategies and tips?

This course is recommended to both online business newbies and advanced experts. Be assured that your business will move to another level.

My only complaint is that it took Fred too long to launch iPro Academy 2.0.
I highly recommend iPro Academy to online business starters or anyone who needs to increase sales of their existing Internet business.

For only $1,997, you gain full lifetime access to iPro Academy 2.0 course and believe it or not; Fred offers a 30 day Money-back Guarantee. You lose nothing!! The only mistake you can make is to ignore and miss out on your opportunity to become a pro!